The gradual unfolding of the cosmos is the central experience of the Initiate. We offer an introduction to a spiritual system of initiatory grades or degrees that assist and help a person understand their own unique and spiritual path in the world. Our aim is Gnosis or Illumination, not belief. The general approach is to assist each person to discover their own True Will – the direct expression or true nature of the Self. The term “Operating as Authentic Self” comes to mind. No order or organization has the rights to claim your divinity or sovereignty. You are born with the ability to do anything as long as you embrace some general techniques and guidelines.

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Having control over one’s life and fate may seem impossible. Ancient Egyptians believed that by holding devotion or favor by summoning, honoring and appeasing the Seven Hathors, they could request to change their fate. These are Higher Intelligences. What thing on this earth can you not master or create for yourself without asking the divine to intervene? Why should you petition them from their Universal Affairs to ask for a new car, house or spouse? When you have everything you need to create the outcome Yourself.

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After reaching the point of The Fool we realize that the path is The vision of the harmony of all things – from Self to External World. When we are in relationships, or even when dealing with the reflection of self… we exchange a give and take. When we communicate with our Self, it’s the internal monologue for power of Self verses the obligatory duties of the World View or matrix reflection. You have the way you see yourself, the way the world sees itself and the way we react in the world around us, and the way it really is. To see the echo of the universe everywhere. How we balance and filter what energies we give our time to has a lot to do with the what things we continually create for ourselves.

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We all want to believe that we have a Spirit Guide or a Divine Messenger at our beck and call. Some people’s lives appear as if they are complete chaos. It may have you asking yourself if your Guardian Angel is drunk or on drugs. Some people would say that the HGA, or “it” is the voice in your head. The voice of Brainstorms and Creative Lightening. The fire of Air in all it’s thought provoking glory! Is this the ultimate goal? How do we begin having the Divine Conversation with Your Holy Guardian Angel or “Original Self”? Is this the original creator of your spiritual self? Is it beyond the physical vessel or mortal shell? Is it beyond the brain that powers and connects with it? Is it the original imprint of you in the coding of this world? Can it transcend and go to and from any place that your mind can create and hold space for? Is it the intercessory Being that is you? Is it able to go back and forth from “You Internal” to the “You external” and while in union with the origin of your Divinity?

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We believe that there is a need to honor ancient traditions and the beliefs of our original ancestors. But the story of life is constantly evolving and when we tend to anchor and not budge, things are surrounding that fastened part tend to fall away because there is nothing stable for it to hold on to. So that we do not destroy what brought us here, we do it by including and honoring them in some way. I do this by recognizing their nature in the cycle of the earth that I reside on. I follow the cycles of the seasons. I express this recognition in the remembrance of Holy Days, Celebrations, Rites of Passage and Feasts. I also express this gratitude inside a daily mantra, symbol and devotion of the day. Something for Inner Self and something for the World.

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The science of spiritual liberation known as Alchemy was imparted to humanity as a gift from the gods who descended from the heavens. This cosmic drama spans the hallways of recorded history up to the present day and addresses the deepest questions of life. This gift of spiritual technology is for the purpose of embodied liberation of the human soul, whereby ones evolutionary soul growth is accelerated to completion within one lifetime. When I first started my process, I thought if I did a lifetime of these sacred rituals within one year or 360 day period, I would be able to ascend or transcend at the end of the year of service.

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The foundation of alchemical philosophy and practice is reflected in nature’s elements and universal pattern of transformation. The four elements are Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. The seven phase pattern of transformation is comprised of Calcination, Dissolution, Separation, Conjunction, Fermentation, Distillation, and Coagulation. This is also known as the ‘Emerald Formula’. The elements are considered by the ancients to be the building blocks of manifest creation. The elements are not simply the physical elements, but are very broadly defined principles of nature. The Quintessence or Fifth Element corresponds to the Divine Essence or Essence of God. This divine essence or elixir was known as Soma, Rasa or Amrita by the East Indians; Star Fire by the Sumerians; Ambrosia by the Greeks; Manna, Christos or Living Water by the Hebrews, and The Philosophers Stone or Universal Medicine by the Europeans. The term Elixir stems from the Arabic Aliksir and Greek Xerion which means medicine. The elements make up the human body and mind.

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Celebrations, Unions, and Recognition of Life are what “it” is all about. Along with some other Episcopal and Shamanic duties, I am available to create personal and specific liturgy or divine expressions to honor and establish the golden moments in your life under the umbra and celebrations of unions, births, death, healing services, energy work and catharsis, confessions and baptisms ceremonies that you the individual will work with me to co-create with you what exactly you interpret that you need to represent these rites of passage in your pathway of life.