We believe that there is a need to honor ancient traditions and the beliefs of our original ancestors. But the story of life is constantly evolving and when we tend to anchor and not budge. Things that are surrounding that fastened part tend to fall away because there is nothing stable for it to hold on to. So that we do not destroy what brought us here, we do it by including and honoring them in some way.

I do this by recognizing their nature in the cycle of the earth that I reside on. I follow the cycles of the seasons. I express this recognition in the remembrance of Holy Days, Celebrations, Rites of Passage and Feasts. I also express this gratitude inside a daily mantra, symbol and devotion of the day. Something for Inner Self and something for the World.

These grades or initiations can be modified to fit any type of mythos, scientific realm, fantasy or element to help you create your imagination’s desire. For the most part, we stay to the authentic heart of your story. Some people need these experiences to understand it. They enjoy the spiritual journeys and voyages of the mystical and enlightened realm to understanding self. They want to experience “it” in real life – a real, multi dimensional experience.

The Seeker that is searching for the old secret teachings, the celebrations and traditions. But we also have to constantly update and troubleshoot the source code of the world which flows from the astral or spiritual dimensions to the 3D real time, physical space we hold and co-create in. We honor the old but bring in the new. These initiations are based loosely on a year long, daily, wheel rite or procession of the stars and deities that represent those energies, ideas, and our story written in the universe.

It is based on an individual process of synchronizing with the world and the cosmos that you are orbiting with. It allows you the power to see that you are an active external source from inner extending outward. You can have more control in your participation when you surrender to it. It shows you just how set in motion things are and how changing individual elements in the pattern, give it the ability to rewrite itself or destiny story.

These initiations or spirit quests can be personal soul work or physical traveling to sacred megaliths, vortexes, mountains, temples and energy centers of earth where you can lend your conscious thoughts, power, time and energy into repairing and mending the Earth.