The Path of Initiation

A lot has been written and said about initiation. It is a secret path of experience, people find new rooms, new perspectives become obvious and the deep sense of all existence is revealed. The aim at the end of the path is an inspired consciousness.

Initiation is the beginning of a path of experience. On this path people must rid themselves of unnecessary burdens. The time which is needed for this can last many lives. It leads through ups and downs, across small bridges, towards crossroads and sometimes it balances on a knife´s edge.

Initiation is the Beginning

In the beginning the seeker is often deceived by illusions. Eventually he gets to know that he belongs to two natures and discovers the true identity. The heart opens towards the language of the Mysteries and begins to truly understand. In the process, becoming fully aware of the process of the development from the inner sight to the spiritual awakening. This is key to attaining access to the dimensions of success and knowing one’s self. It becomes obvious that the experience of life is only one step on the path. The true quality of spirit, soul and body is being revealed and the real aim is the liberation of the human being. The goal is to find the way back to the self and embrace the divine within.

Liberation is the Aim

The wanderer enters the spiritual body which is the enormous transformation of the human being according to spirit, soul and body, called transfiguration. The individual meets the higher self and perceives and lives life as a creator and human being. When we stop dedicating our lives to the adoration to outside divine sources and ideas, we free up time and energy to focus on the self, leaving room to acknowledge our own power and liberate own divinity.