Introduction of New Cardinal

Tornado Brings Cardinal

I have been away for a month or so.  During this time, there was a tornado that ripped through my hometown and destroyed a lot of homes and trees in the area. My aunt’s home being one of them. Ever since the tornado happened a female cardinal has been coming to her door every day and pecking violently on the glass door.

I told my aunt that she needed to create a new home to restore balance and her own home’s destruction. The momma cardinal is looking for her home that was lost from the trees in the yard being uprooted. The message was clear to me, to construct a new home and she would stop trying to get her message to my aunt. She has been repeating this message for over a month, every day.

Normally, I see cardinals as representatives or messengers of past relatives and I usually see four or five together (my mom, dad, aunt, grandma and grandpa). This time, it was a single female cardinal. I asked her to create or buy some birdhouses to put up around the house to appease the birds in the area that lost their home and it should restore the balance and her own home that was damaged in the tornado that she is having issues getting fixed due to the town not seeing the seventy seven folks affected by it as a real disaster and are pretty much telling them they are on their own.

Welcome our new Bishop

Depending on the situation, I may see them as another type of sign. This message was confirmed by a friend that had recently been consecrated as a Cardinal Bishop by me on January tenth, 2018. He also saw a red cardinal pecking at his door and had a vision to create a red robe.  He finished at different time marked intervals that were significant and shared the whole process. Becoming the last and fourth bishop that I am physically or astrally consecrating in my lifetime on this earth.

More significance with the cardinal. The doorways have been opened.  Cardinals can seen as gatekeepers or guardians or doorways or spiritual messengers; although in some of the religious organizations, they are connected with the symbolism of the cardinal bishops or as the four Archangels.  Learn more.


Of course this isn’t how we see it but this is a hilarious illustration of how most people see ceremonial magic or esoteric studies and arts. Some of us are more active and some are strictly mental magicians.

Please allow me the honor of introducing the The Right Reverend: Joseph Eisner (Tau Yusuf Al-Sulaymani)