We all want to believe that we have a Spirit Guide or a Divine Messenger at our beck and call. Some people’s lives appear as if they are complete chaos. It may have you asking yourself if your Guardian Angel is drunk or on drugs. Some people would say that the HGA, or “it” is the voice in your head. The voice of Brainstorms and Creative Lightening. The fire of Air in all it’s thought provoking glory! Is this the ultimate goal?

How do we begin having the Divine Conversation with Your Holy Guardian Angel or “Original Self”? Is this the original creator of your spiritual self? Is it beyond the physical vessel or mortal shell? Is it beyond the brain that powers and connects with it? Is it the original imprint of you in the coding of this world? Can it transcend and go to and from any place that your mind can create and hold space for? Is it the intercessory Being that is you? Is it able to go back and forth from “You Internal” to the “You external” and while in union with the origin of your Divinity?

We as a species have a tendency to personify all things from nature, to feelings, and everything in between. With somethings there just isn’t any form of expression to articulate. You either see it, feel it, hear it or you don’t. But if you want to see it and you can imagine it and you can exist in it, then it can be. There is no way for me to give you this in a weekend session. You have all the tools necessary inside and already know how by Knowing Thyself. Liberate Your True Self. Set Yourself down and talk with Self. Figure it out! Have a talk with the ALL Self to find out what Your Role is and what means are necessary for you to Operate as Your Original Self in living blissfully in each day.