The gradual unfolding of the cosmos is the central experience of the Initiate. We offer an introduction to a spiritual system of initiatory grades or degrees that assist and help a person understand their own unique and spiritual path in the world. Our aim is Gnosis or Illumination, not belief. The general approach is to assist each person to discover their own True Will – the direct expression or true nature of the Self. The term “Operating as Authentic Self” comes to mind. No order or organization has the rights to claim your divinity or sovereignty. You are born with the ability to do anything as long as you embrace some general techniques and guidelines.

As long as you live by a simple rule – Love One Another – Treat Your Neighbor as Yourself. As long as you are not harming anyone (self included) or taking away another person’s innate power, or free will, then I believe that you are operating in harmony and in the company of heaven (other stars in orbit). There is no foul! We create the tools and resources (experiences) that will allow you to understand how you can live from an authentic place. If you feel called to follow your bliss, then follow it. This is the soul’s mission: to anchor to this world and keep following the individual light emanating from your personal star, hence the phrase “One Star in Sight”. It is our goal to help the individual realize their spirit, mind, body and soul’s purpose.

As a facilitator of this Work, I am sharing a non-authoritarian style and mystical approach to a self operating system or programming technique that derives from ancient ways and secret teachings. I come here capable of sharing what knowledge, wisdom and experience I have gained along the path, no more, no less. Everyone has a right to their own unique path and journey to get there. No one has the right to tell you how you can live your life or what steps are necessary to get you there. I work with you to develop a personal plan to help you attain your spiritual goals. Only your purest self can tell you what you need. Your DNA is encoded with your divinity, you are hardwired to The Source. No one has the right to tell you how to express your divinity, what to call “it”, or your “Holy Source Code”. It is up to you to activate, develop and follow your divine instruction manual. It is up to you to see your Liminal Point while living in the Betwixt and Between.

Our goal is to assist men and women of all ages in the obtaining of Illumination. The goal is to learn how to manifest the life that you will to create by using symbols, gestures, breathing techniques and exercises to communicate with human intelligence. These methods change the conduit or vessel to be able to hold space for energy from a higher consciousness, frequency or higher vibratory rate. By raising your vibration to a level where you can make contact with the luminous Intelligences, or raise the individual’s consciousness so that they are able mediate the numinous source of all, beyond all symbols and symbolism. No spiritual system, or the results gained, is an end in result, it is an ongoing and ever evolving process. It should be understood that spiritual systems are there to help the person reach beyond all systems.