The Holy Synergia is a online expression of a Living Temple of Venus Genetrix. It is facilitated by Shin Asherah Iustus a Bishopess and Gnostic Templar Priestess of the EGNU.


HOLY: Consecrated, sacred, godly; ecclesiastical. From Proto-Germanic *hailaga or hellig. Meaning hole, uninjured – that must be preserved whole or intact. An act that cannot be transgressed or violated. Health, happiness, and good luck.

SYNERGIA:  Cooperation. From Modern Latin and Greek synergia. Meaning joint work, a working together, cooperation; assistance, help. From synergos meaning working together, or help another in work. Combined activities of a group, or a sense of advanced effectiveness as a result of cooperation.


Shin Asherah Iustus – Wife of God – Current of Justice, Truth, Liberty and Matters of the Heart, not Lust. I started my journey from early age. I had a love for mythology and fairy tales and the hidden messages that I found. I loved weird and amazing stories and searched for the origin of all religions and native tribes. It was my mission. I was the weird girl who brought tarot and astrology charts for show and tell. I got my first tarot set at 13. I was willed most likely to start a cult in High School. I was the black sheep in my family. I was lost to most that I interacted with. But I realized early in life that I was different.

I was raised in a rural farming community on the flood ways of the Mississippi River. My family loved God and Jesus, but did not like the idea of any woman leading prayer or having the call to service of the Lord. Woman shall not have any authority over man. I was raised with the preaching of Southern Baptists and Church of Christ doctrine. I never felt welcome in the church and found myself crying and arguing internally with their representation of Christ, Adam and Eve, Sin and other things.

I spent my time in church reading the Bible for myself. I found the passages that my preacher didn’t talk about. I was obsessed with the Enoch, Ezekiel, the Nephilim, Mary Magdalene, Mary, Jesus, Solomon, John the Baptist and of course the scary shit at the end, The Book of Revelations.

I found various contradictions and I was obsessed with the Sacred Whore and the concept of the Brides of Christ and forbidden knowledge. Anything they told me I wasn’t allowed to study or do because I was a woman, or it was evil, occult, demonic or forbidden, I did it anyway. From studying the Kabbalah to Freemasonry, that was what I was interested in.

My love for the Sacred Whore brought me to the Book of the Law and Thelema. I joined the OTO and didn’t go any further than the Minerval (circa 2000) in their regulated system. I didn’t agree with the Misogyny or the way they claimed to adore the Goddess but their actions spoke in another way to me. It was like every where I went there was some type of invisible Oppressive Thumb over the woman. I wanted no part of.


I am a Daughter of Fortitude. I am the Shekinah dancing on the outskirts of the desert. I am alone. I am painted and veiled. I am a voice of the Great Liberating Mother who has been invoked for centuries under the company of NUIT. Those who hear her voice will gather with me and we will orbit together under the light of our personal, guiding star and we will join as one universal mirror to each other, bound by the way and spirit that was birthed in our hearts.

I have accomplished years of study. 28 successions through laying of hands ceremonies from various traditions and cultures, knowledge and channeled material given to me. I tried to share it with my brothers and sisters but they did not want to do the work that was required to birth the New World. The current system is lost. The New Atlantis was stopped in it’s tracks and infiltrated. I ended up here. I was consecrated and asked to join a College of Bishops in 2007.


After a series of shitty, non-fraternal, reception and a war of heaven in hell within, Plus years of external battles with outer Egos, I went on a sabbatical and just observed for seven long years. The Goddess has called me to become active again. So here I am updating my page and setting to motion the Great Work of my life, my mission. Call it a Revival of the spirit or a Seven Year Itch.

But I am back and ready to get started again with those who feel her call. You know who you are and I look forward to being blessed with your knowledge, gifts and presence when the spirit calls within and it is time for you to steer the helm of your own Great Ship or Vessel – guided by your compass and with One Star in Sight!

I am here to set the current of the Divine Feminine in motion. I am here to guide it to it’s Right and virtuous station. My current is one of the Blood and Flame. The Holy Grael, The Sacred Womb. The Sacred Web. The Sacred Grove. The Sacred Matrix. The Creatrix. It is not one of only worshipping the Phallus. It takes both Divine Masculine and Feminine energies to birth and create.