The USP was founded in 1949 by Walter and Lao Russell to address the least-known of all the sciences, the science of humankind. Universities around the world teach a wide variety of curricula however, until the USP there has been no University that has a course which focuses on who we are, what we are, and the purpose of existence. For this reason, Walter and Lao wrote The Home Study Course.

The USP is unique in that it offers a Home Study Course and books which are meant to be studied in the solitude and privacy of one’s own home. The integral learning that follows this very personal study of universal law, natural science and living philosophy is not the traditional remembering and repeating of information. There are no assignments, papers or examinations. Learning comes through meditative study and internalization of ideas so that these become part of one’s own thinking and consequent actions. In this way, new knowledge leads to self-transcendence along with advanced creative modes of thinking and living.

What is Meant by Self-Transcendence?

When viewed from a cosmic perspective, life is a great adventure. Ours is a dynamic, creating universe. Life is not static, but ever-moving, ever-changing, ever-transforming, cyclic in seasons and cyclic in life patterns.

When we know who we are, when we are in touch with the spiritual center of our being, we no longer view ourselves as “victims” of an outer world over which we have no control. Unfolding our understanding from within, we KNOW ourselves as dynamic thinking “co-creators” of our world and our own destiny. We become aware of our inherent genius, be it practical or artistic. We understand ourselves as part of the dynamic, indestructible Life Force of Creation.

We become creative participators in life, find the meaning of life, and discover our role in the adventure and drama of living. We see ourselves with fresh vision, in a different light. With strong desire to develop and grow, we become partners in the holistic experience of an integrated world in which we may consciously evolve to experience greater understanding, joy in creative action, and happiness in our participatory experiencing and ordering of our world. Education, from the Latin educere, means to “draw forth from within,” “to lead out.”

The integral learning offered through the University of Science and Philosophy is education in this sense of the word, resulting in the self-transcendence that comes through choice – the choice of conscious learning and growth towards understanding and enlightenment in action.

What’s New in Russell Science and Philosophy?

Walter Russell termed his conceptual science “Natural Science,” as the few simple working principles of Creation are observable processes of nature. In fact, the principles of the Russell Natural Science correspond exactly to one of the world’s oldest recorded expositions of cosmology, the Hermetic Principles. What is truly NEW to Russell’s 20th Century concept of the nature of the universe is that he describes the process in terms of electricity, something not possible in the known history of our planet until this date. Russell states in page after page of explanation that “this is an electric thought-wave universe.”

Most new and revolutionary is the fact that the Russell Science and Philosophy are an interwoven, seamless whole, truly the marriage of science and spirituality. Therefore, today we of the USP use the term “metascience” – the tapestry of science and spirit – in seeking to explore the possibilities contained within the Russell conceptual science and how that unique cosmology relates to present-day “traditional” scientific discoveries.