After reaching the point of The Fool we realize that the path is The vision of the harmony of all things – from Self to External World. When we are in relationships, or even when dealing with the reflection of self… we exchange a give and take.

When we communicate with our Self, it’s the internal monologue for power of Self verses the obligatory duties of the World View or matrix reflection. You have the way you see yourself, the way the world sees itself and the way we react in the world around us, and the way it really is. To see the echo of the universe everywhere. How we balance and filter what energies we give our time to has a lot to do with the what things we continually create for ourselves.

This is a four-folded, eight armed path… (probably even more) and how we use the Natural Elements or states of Being to understand what energy forms its existence. It’s part in it all. There are so many levels of cause and effect at play in the real and living ALL. It is important that we reserve the right tone and setting in our lives.

By balancing the Temple or Mirror… we set the view of our perception and experience. Strife creates strife, joy creates joy. When we the storms come, our tempers take over our vessel and they can make it a pleasant or scary experience depending on what realities subconsciously and co-consciously create with unintentional intentions. This effects you and the life of others. How you steady the eye of the storm matters. What you think about while in an emotional state creates the reality or state of presence for you at each moment.

The nature of this process is to give you some tools so that you can dissect your Self, your negative and positive traits, so that you can balance your traits and keep a true north in your internal compass. This later becomes the communication device that you use to communicate with yourself and the world you live in. Your Mirror on the Wall.

We can use this tool to help you understand yourself or to help you communicate the things and insecurities that are causing stuck energy, stagnant pathways that continually repeat the same loop, bubbling to the surface until you face that demon head on. These blocks, distractions or Divine Fragments of the World Soul Mirror – we must release them first in self before we can release them in the world.

This process takes about three months of committed work.